What this website is all about

It’s about WordPress, the popular website publishing software freely available for everyone to use and modify to fit their own personal and commercial needs. I’ve been using WordPress to build websites for businesses and individuals for five years. With each website, I learn something new and this is my platform for sharing these tips, techniques, template mods and hacks that are my WordPress toolkit.

In addition to posts about using and modifying WordPress themes, you’ll find articles about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery here, as well as some general articles on strategies for planning, building and launching websites. Some of these articles are recycled from my company website, LarryAronson.com and have been re-edited to fit the style and purpose of this blog.

What you can do

You can learn something interesting and/or useful and make me happy. This probably won’t happen unless you already know something about WordPress. As a guide, each post has a Skill level assigned to it as follows:

 Skill Level Knowledge Required Privilege Needed
 General  Using the Web  none
 Beginner  Some HTML and CSS  author or better
 Intermediate  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WP fundamentals  admin
 Advanced  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WP internals  root

General level posts cover stuff you can understand with just basic knowledge of the Web and what blogging is all about. Beginner material covers techniques you can use as a WordPress author or editor whereas intermediate level assumes knowledge of the WordPress Dashboard and admin functions. Advanced posts are for Webmasters and designers and assume that you have the privileges and knowledge to manage files on a web server and understand WordPress theme structure and configuration settings.

Contribute — That’s the other thing you can do that will make me happy. Please leave your comments, corrections, suggestions and gripes on these pages and posts. Send me an email if you are interested in guest blogging. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Terms of Use

All content on this website, unless otherwise noted, is original material created by Larry Aronson and published under a Creative Commons license. The following copyright statement applies:

Copyright © 2011 by Larry Aronson, some rights reserved.

You are welcome to republish this content under the following terms and conditions.

No permission is needed to republish excerpts or material quoted so long as Larry Aronson is identified as the author. A link back to the original article or to this blog’s homepage is required for any quote longer than 140 characters.

Unless otherwise covered by the fair use provisions of copyright law, permission is required to republish an entire post or any significant section of a post, in any medium including, but not limited to, the Web, email, print or RSS feeds. The following conditions must be met before permission is given:

  • Edits may be made to the content for space and formatting purposes only. Edits must preserve the meaning of the quoted material and must not alter the intent of the author.
  • The republished post must include its original title, which should appear before the body of the post.
  • The republished post must include a byline for the original author (Larry Aronson, unless otherwise indicated.)
  • A URL pointing back to LarryAronson.com must accompany the republished post. The best way to do this is with a permalinked post title. The explicit URL of the post should be printed when the post in republished on non-hyperlinked media.

In all cases, LarryAronson.com reserves the right to refuse or withdraw permission to republish any of its copyrighted content if it feels that such republication would damage its interests.

Please note that the content on this website is provided with no guarantee of correctness or suitability for any purpose. I do my best to test all coding examples to make sure they run safely in popular, modern browsers and any advice I give is based on my research and experience. However, I can’t test every possible set of circumstances so, therefore, you agree to assume all risk if you implement any code or follow any instructions provided here.

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