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WordPress 3.2 beta 1: First Look

This blog in Twentyeleven theme

WordPress just released the first beta of the next version of their popular blogging/CMS platform. So, I installed WordPress 3.2, beta 1 on this blog to explore the new features in the Dashboard and took a first look at WordPress’ new theme, Twentyeleven. This post describes my first impressions.

Get Free Images For Your Posts

Every post needs a good picture. A photograph or illustration provides a visual anchor for the post and helps set the mood that you want your reader to be in when he or she reads the copy. But where can you consistently find good images on the Internet that are free to use without violating someone’s copyright. The answer to this frequently asked question is: tons of places – you just need to know where to search. Here a quick guide to finding copyright and permission free images to use in your blog posts.